Stanley Mosk Library and Courts Building. Interior

Stanley Mosk Library and Courts
Building Renovation

Restoring a California Gem

One of the most stunning buildings in state government is receiving a complete renovation. In 2009, a team of master architects, engineers, and technology experts began work on bringing the 1928 Stanley Mosk Library and Courts Building back to its light-filled magnificence while outfitting the building with the latest technological features.

Upgrading a Landmark for the Future

Located across the street from the historic State Capitol in the heart of downtown Sacramento, the neo-classical Stanley Mosk Library and Courts Building at 914 Capitol Mall was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 1984. When the renovation teams begin their work, their assignments for the 5-story granite building will be diverse and exacting. Over the course of almost two years, the experts will:

  • Upgrade security
  • Upgrade for accessibility
  • Upgrade fire and life safety systems
  • Correct electrical and plumbing deficiencies
  • Repair roof and shell damage
  • Abate hazardous materials
  • Restore historic features such as ceilings, lights, elevators, and public art including the building's famous Maynard Dixon murals.

California's Department of General Services is managing this project, which is expected to be completed early in 2013. The end date is tentative and may change as the renovation proceeds.

For more information about the Stanley Mosk Library and Courts Building renovation, view the Fall 2008 issue of CSL Connection or contact the Office of the State Librarian at (916) 654-0266.