March 2013 Women's History Calendar

Edith Claypole next week

Edith Claypole (1870–1915)

Research Pathologist

Born in England, Edith Claypole received her M.D. from UCLA in 1904. She joined UC Berkeley's pathology department as a volunteer and soon after became an associate researcher. She created a test to distinguish pulmonary streptothricosis from tuberculosis. When World War I broke out, Claypole enthusiastically lent her talents to the war effort. She devoted herself to developing a more effective typhoid vaccine for British and French troops. Her intensive work with typhoid bacteria led to her death from typhoid fever at age 45.

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A passion for discovery: California women
trailblazers in science and technology

In celebration of National Women's History Month, this online calendar highlights remarkable yet little known women from California history who achieved success in STEM fields – science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The calendar is produced by the California State Library, California Research Bureau and California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls. Images and biographical material are from the State Library's extensive collection of photos, prints, rare books and ephemera documenting the state's rich history.