August is here! Escape the heat by swinging into the library sometime this month! While you’re at it, celebrate Women’s Equality day by enjoying our research guide, Women in California along with the resources we have either created or highlighted in honor of local governments and historical societies. If you see something in our guides that looks particularly interesting please let us know!

  City of the Month

The south end of us going north.

Do you love beaches, sailing and flying? Then check out our latest city of the month, Newport Beach!

  County of the Month

Impression of California.

Do you love sun, surf, amusement parks and history? Then check out our County of the Month, Orange!

Are you looking for a new book or poem to read? In addition to recognizing local organizations and governments, we at the California history section, love to recognize the authors and poets whose works are in the collection! Check out our Book of the Week and Haiku of the Week to see who and what we’ve featured most recently!

  Haiku of the Week

  Book of the Week