Do you love looking at pictures? You've come to the right place! Our massive pictorial collection contains everything from daguerreotypes to color photos. We have postcards, letter-sheets, lithographs, stereographs and paintings as well as collections of work by famous California photographers like Carleton Watkins, William Fletcher and others. Our collection is so big, that much of it is still not online. However, you can see a portion of it on Calisphere and in our catalog. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Not finding what you need? Don't give up! The online catalog identifies only a portion of our pictorial collection. Another portion is identified by a card catalog available in the California History Room. You can obtain a fuller idea of our holdings by checking our detailed research guide or by consulting with one of our librarians.

You can see digital copies of some of our images on Calisphere, our online catalog and in the California Information File II. If you aren't finding what you want, please email us with your questions.

We permit no-flash photography of these materials and can arrange for copies of much of our pictorial resources.