Field Act

Joint Use Projects

Some "Joint Use" projects may trigger Field Act requirements because the library building will be built on public school district property and/or more than 24 public school students will be required to go to the public library for educational purposes after the project has been completed.

The State Library or the Bond Administration Office may not make a determination of the applicability of the Field Act; only the Division of the State Architect may do so.

In order to provide initial information regarding the applicability of the Field Act, the State Architect has provided a letter which summarizes the critical considerations for the Field Act applicability.

In order to verify with the State Architect, if the Field Act applies, prospective applicants may contact the following individual:

Howard "Chip" Smith
District Structural Engineer
Division of the State Architect
1130 K Street, Suite 101
Phone: (916 323-1687
Fax: (916 323-1687

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