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May 13, 2013

Kimberly Brown
(916) 651-6466

State Library's Pinterest Boards Ranked #1 on
"Most Social Media Friendly State Libraries" List

SACRAMENTO – California State Library's Pinterest boards received first place on a list of social media-friendly state libraries for 2013 by Library Science List. The State Library also placed 12th on the list for its overall use of social media.

Library Science List is an online social community for librarians from around the world. Rankings were based on the amount of activity and number of followers on the five most popular social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn.

The State Library's Gold Rush Pinterest board was highlighted by the list's authors, who noted that it features "photos of Sutter's Mill, the California Gold Rush postage stamp, [and] an 1848 Quarter Eagle coin struck from California gold."

The library hosts or co-hosts 36 other Pinterest boards, including a Photo of the Week board that draws from its extensive collection of old and rare photos of California and a board for public libraries around the state to pin photos of grant projects either overseen or developed by the State Library.

The State Library also recently updated its website to provide a more user-friendly experience and in June will launch an interactive site that takes viewers on a visual tour of the renovations of the historic Library and Courts Building on the Capitol Mall in Sacramento. The library staff is currently moving its collection of over four million books back into the library, which will open to the public later this year.

About the California State Library: Founded in 1850, the California State Library is the central reference and research library for the Governor's office, legislature, state employees, and the general public. The State Library administers federal and state grants for programs in historical preservation, library construction, civil liberties education, literacy, volunteering, and broadband connectivity in public libraries. For more information, please visit