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June 25, 2013

Deborah Lynch
Communications Officer
California State Library
(916) 651-6452

California State Library announces launch
of new Governors' Gallery website

SACRAMENTO, California – Did you know that the first governor of California was Peter Burnett? Did you know that California's second governor, John McDougal, wounded the editor of the San Francisco Picayune in a duel after he left office? These answers and more can be found on the new Governors' Gallery website.

The website features all California governors past and present and it is a tribute to those individuals who served as chief executive of California since it first became a state.

The Governor's Gallery is available at

Included in the Governors' Galley are photos, portraits, biographical information, and inaugural speeches. It also contains information on what was happening in the state and the world during each governor's term of office and features interesting facts about each governor as well. There is also a section devoted to each first lady and the contributions they made to the state.

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