Subject: Studies in the News 02-11 (February 20, 2002)

Studies in the News
Children and Family Supplement

Introductory Material

   Children and domestic violence
   Funding universal preschool
   Early education building blocks
   Special focus on child care
   Child care centers
   History of preschool and education
   First five years
   Developing minds and learning
   Developmental neuropsychology
   Home visiting
   Birthweight effects on development
   Newborn trends 1990-1999
   Pertussis 1997-2000
   Redesigned community postnatal care
   Well-being of children in welfare
   Spare the rod
   Promoting healthy social environments
   Adventures in parenting
   Perils of early motherhood
   Out-of-wedlock childbearing
   Politics of smoking and pregnancy
   Child advocacy primer
   California child care portfolio
   Children and welfare reform
Introduction to Studies in the News

Studies in the News is a very current compilation of items significant to the Legislature and Governor's Office. It is created weekly by the State Library's Research Bureau to supplement the public policy debate in California’s Capitol. To help share the latest information with state policymakers, these reading lists are now being made accessible through the State Library’s website. This week's list of current articles in various public policy areas is presented below.

Service to State Employees:

  • When available, the URL for the full text of each item is provided.

  • Items in the State Library collection can be checked out to state officials and staff.

  • Access to all materials listed will be provided by the State Information Reference Center, either by e-mail to or by calling 654-0261.

The following studies are currently on hand:



Children's Exposure to Domestic Violence: Is It Child Abuse? By Steve Christian, National Conference of State Legislatures. State Legislative Report. Vol. 27, No. 1 (NCSL, Denver, Colorado) January 2002. 9 p.

["Some policymakers are considering whether to treat exposure to domestic violence as child maltreatment and to require that such exposure be reported to and investigated by child welfare authorities. This report reviews what states have done, summarizes arguments on both sides, reviews some alternative policy approaches, and identifies some key issues for legislators."]

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Preschool For All: Investing in a Productive and Just Society. By the Research and Policy Committee, Committee for Economic Development (The Committee, New York, New York) 2002. 64 p.

Full Text at:

["Fund Preschool For All Kids, Business Leaders Say: The business-backed Committee called for federal and state governments to pay for voluntary prekindergarten for all children, starting at age 3... The Committee recommended 'publicly funded prekindergarten, offered by a variety of (public and private, for-profit and non-profit) providers.'" Cox News Service (February 5, 2002) 1.]

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"Building Blocks for Success: State Efforts in Early Childhood Education." IN: Education Week, vol. XXI no. 17 (January 10, 2002) pp. 1-170.

["The report examines what states are doing to provide early-learning experiences for young children; to ensure that those experiences are of high quality; to prepare and pay early-childhood educators adequately; and to measure the results of early-childhood programs. The report also examines states' commitment to kindergarten, the transition point into the formal public education system. Note: Building Blocks ... is available for 3-day loan."]

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Special Focus on Childcare: [Special Focus]. By Judy Pope and Ethel Seiderman. (Family Support America, Chicago, Illinois) 2001. 14 p.

[Includes: "Serving Children, Serving Families -- The Principles of Supportive Childcare;" "Embracing the Values of Family Support;" "Characteristics of Family-Supportive Childcare;" "The Roots of Family-Supportive Childcare Programs;" and others. Note: Special ... is available for 3-day loan.]

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Child Care Design Guide. By Anita Rui Olds. (McGraw-Hill, New York, New York) 2001. 485 p.

[Includes: "The Child Care Center: A Building Type in Search of a Model," "The Design Team: Members and Their Roles," "Relationship Between Indoors and Outdoors." Note: Child Care ... is available for 3 day loan.]

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Playgrounds That Work: Creating Outdoor Play Environments for Children Birth to Eight Years. By Pauline Berry. (Pademelon Press, Baulkham Hills, Australia) 2001. 136 p.

[Includes: "Play Features for Young Children: Fixed Play Areas: Sandpits and others," "Fixed Play Equipment: Swings, Slides and others," "Dramatic Play Structures: Cubbyhouses and others," "Special Considerations: Children with Disabilities", and others. Note: available for 3 day loan.]

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Past Caring: A History of Preschool and Education for the Poor, 1820-1965. By Emily D. Cahan. National Center for Children in Poverty, Columbia University. (The Center, New York, New York) 1989. 36 p.

Full Text at:

["This historical review painstakingly underscores America's lack of commitment for providing quality early childhood care and education for its children. High quality care and education for all children builds on a strong, scientific research knowledge base that insists on quality in order to achieve progress."]

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What's Going On In There: How the Brain and Mind Develop in the First Five Years of Life. By Lise Eliot. (Bantam Books, New York, New York). 2001. 520 p.

[Includes: "Nature or Nurture? It's All in the Brain," "How Birth Affects the Brain," "Why Babies Love to Be Bounced: the Precocious Sense of Balance and Motion." Note: What's Going available for 3 day loan.]

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Minds, Brains, and Learning: Understanding the Psychological and Educational Relevance of Neuroscientific Research. By James P. Byrnes. (Guilford Press, New York, New York). 2001. 209 p.

[Includes: "Arguments For and Against the Relevance of Brain Research," "Seven Major Processes of Brain Development," "Neuroscientific Perspectives on Attention," "Psychological Perspectives on Reading." Note: Minds, available for 3 day loan.]

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Developmental Neuropsychology: A Clinical Approach. By Vicki Anderson and others. (Psychology Press, Philadelphia , Pennsylvania) 2001. 548 p.

[Includes: "Cerebral Development;" "Cognitive Development;" "Common CNS Disorders of Childhood: Neurological, Developmental, and Psychosocial Dimensions;" [and] "Neuropsychological Practice within a Developmental Context". Note: available for 3 day loan.]

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Home Visiting: Procedures for Helping Families . By Barbara Hanna Wasik and Donna M. Bryant. (Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks, California) 200l. 322 p.

[Includes: "Home Visitor Characteristics, Training, and Supervision," "Visiting Families in Stressful Situations," "Future Directions in Home Visiting," and others. Note: Home Visiting ... is available for 3-day loan.]

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"Birthweight and Gestational Age Effects on Motor and Social Development." By Mary L. Hediger and others. IN: Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology, vol. 16, no.1 (January 2002) pp. 33-46.

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["The number of children at risk for delays in motor and social development (MSD) associated with preterm delivery and low birthweight is increasing, but such children are generally not seen as being in need of evaluation. The objective of these analyses was to determine whether there are independent effect of birthweight and gestational age on MSD and the magnitude of effects."]

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The Right Start for America's Newborns: A Decade of City and State Trends (1990-1999). By Richard Wertheimer and others. Child Trends/Kids Count. Prepared for The Annie E. Casey Foundation (The Foundation, Baltimore, Maryland) February 2002. 20 p.

Full Text at:

["Using birth certificate data provided by the National Center for Health Statistics, we focus on eight measures which reflect a healthy start to life. These measures are provided for the country as a whole, for all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and for the 50 largest cities. The eight measures are: Teen Births; Repeat Teen Births; Births to Unmarried Women; Births to Mothers with Low Educational Attainment; Late or No Prenatal Care; Smoking During Pregnancy; Low-Birthweight Births; [and] Preterm Births."]

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"Pertussis-United States, 1997-2000." IN: Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, vol. 51, no. 4 (February 1, 2002) pp. 73-76.

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["Pertussis was a major cause of morbidity and mortality among infants and children in the United States during the prevaccine era. Following the introduction of the vaccine (DTP), the incidence declined to a historic low of 1,010 cases in 1976 before climbing again in the 1980s. This report summarizes national surveillance data for pertussis during 1997-2000."]

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"Effects of Redesigned Community Postnatal Care on Women’s Health 4 Months After Birth: A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial." By C. MacArthur and others. IN: The Lancet, vol. 359, no. 9304 (2002) pp. 378-85.

["Results of studies have shown that many women have, but do not report, physical and emotional disorders after childbirth, some of which are persistent. At present, postnatal care does not adequately address these needs. The study aimed to develop and implement a new model of community postnatal care that was based on results of research and maternity care recommendations and to compare the effects of such care with those of present care."]

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The Well-Being of Children Involved with the Child Welfare System: A National Overview. By Katherine Kortenkamp and Jennifer Ehrle. New Federalism, National Survey of America's Families, The Urban Institute Series B, No. B-43. (The Institute, Washington, DC) January 2002. 8 p.

Full Text at:

["This brief presents the first national overview of the well-being of children involved with the child welfare system. Both rounds of the survey included measures of economic, health, and social characteristics of more than 44,000 households. This analysis uses information from the sample of children under 18."]

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"Spare the Rod." By Ellen Tomson. IN: Pioneer Planet (January 15, 2002) Various pagings.

["The study involved 1,000 parents of children younger than 13. The interviews focused on an array of actions and attitudes of parents, including nurturing practices, expressions of affection and praise,attentiveness, standards of behavior and the use of consequences or punishments, including spanking, slapping and yelling."]

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"Community Interventions to Promote Healthy Social Environments: Early Childhood Development and Family Housing: A Report on Recommendations of the Task Force on Community Preventive Services." By Laurie M. Anderson and others, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. IN: Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report: Recommendations and Reports, 51 (February 1, 2002) pp. 1-8.

Full Text at:

["This report provides an overview of the process used by the Task Force on Community Preventive Services (the Task Force) to select and review evidence and summarizes the recommendations of the Task Force regarding community interventions that promote healthy social environments. A full report of the recommendations, supporting evidence, cost-effectiveness of the interventions (where available), and remaining research questions will be published later this year."]

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Adventures in Parenting: How Responding, Preventing, Monitoring, Mentoring and Modeling Can Help You Be a Successful Parent. National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and National Institutes of Health. January 2002. 68 p.

Full Text at:

["The information in this guidebook is based on decades of research on parenting called RPM3 -- a no-frills approach to parenting from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD). RPM3 (responding, preventing, monitoring, and modeling)incorporates 30 years of NICHD research to tell you what really works."]

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"The Perils of Early Motherhood." By Isabell Sawhill. IN: The Public Interest, no. 146 (Winter 2002) pp. 1-11.

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["Children growing up in a one-parent family are four times as likely to be poor as those growing up in a two-parent family, and those growing up in a single-parent white family are three times more likely to be poor than those growing up in a two-parent black family.... The real problem is too many unmarried women having babies."]

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"Abstaining from Sex." By Isabel V. Sawhill. IN: Blueprint Magazine, Issue 14 (January/February 2002) Various pagings.

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["Four out of 10 girls become pregnant before their twentieth birthdays and two out of 10 go on to become single mothers. These high rates of teen pregnancy contribute to high rates of out-of-wedlock childbearing, increased numbers of single-parent families, welfare dependency and child poverty. Sex education, after-school programs, and family planning services need to be supplemented by direct efforts to change the culture."]

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Smoking and Pregnancy: The Politics of Fetal Protection. By Laury Oaks. (Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, New Jersey) 2001. 266 p.

[Includes: "Confronting the Pregnant Smoker," "Emergence of Maternal Smoking as a Public Health Problem," "Achieving the Smoke-Free Baby: Health Education and the Problem Risk," and others. Note: Smoking ... will be available for 3-day loan.]

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A Child Advocacy Primer: Experience and Advice from Service Providers, Board Leaders, and Consumers. By Karabelle Pizzigati. Child Welfare League of America. (The League, Washington DC) February 2002.

["This volume provides valuable assistance and advice to service-based agencies seeking to develop and expand policy advocacy as an intergral part of their work. Based on experiences from the field ... it offers tips on how service agencies can increase their policy advocacy capacity. Note: A Child Advocacy Primer ... will be available for 3-day loan.]

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The California Child Care Portfolio. California Child Care Resource and Referral Network (The Network, San Francisco) February 2002. Various Pagings.

["The Portfolio includes a compilation of California statewide and county-by-county statistics on child care. [It] includes a narrative highlighting child care supply, demand, and cost issues in the context of current policy, demographic and labor force trends. Note: The California ... will be available for 3-day loan.]

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Children and Welfare Reform. David and Lucile Packard Foundation. IN: The Future of Children. vol. 12, no. 1. (The Foundation, Palo Alto, California) February 20, 2002. pp. 1-213.

Full Text at:

[Includes: "Children and Welfare Reform: Analysis and Recommendations;" "The 1996 Welfare Law: Key Elements and Reauthorization Issues Affecting Children;" "Reforms and Child Development;" "Experimental Studies of Welfare Reform and Children;" "Welfare Reform and child care options for low-income families; "Welfare Reform, Fertility, and Father Involvement;" and others. Note: Children and Welfare ... will be available for 3-day loan.]

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