Studies In The News for the California Department of Mental Health

How to Obtain Materials Listed in SITN:

  • When available on the Internet, the URL for the full-text of each item is provided.
  • Department of Mental Health staff may contact the Information Services Section (916-654-0261; ) with the title of the publication they want, along with the date of the SITN issue their desired publication appears in, and library staff will provide the requested publications.
  • All other interested individuals should contact their local library – the items may be available there, or may be borrowed by your local library on your behalf.
  • Subscribe to an RSS feed to be alerted as new issues of Studies in the News for the Department of Mental Health are released.

How to Search for Specific Topics in SITN:

  • To begin, go to Google and enter the words "Studies in the News" in quotation marks in the search box. In the same search box, enter the term or terms you'd like to search (for example, "stigma", also in quotation marks). The search box will now look like this: "Studies in the News" "stigma".
  • Click on the Google search box magnifying glass, or press "enter" on your keyboard.
  • Google will list a number of Studies in the News issues with the "stigma" term, and will also list "Show more results from" Click on the plus sign to view more results.
  • Google may prompt you to click on additional "Show more results from" to search all issues on file for your term or terms.

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