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California COVID Diaries

The California State Library is working with local libraries to collect COVID-19 stories from across the state. We invite you to share your experience — so that we can preserve these memories for future Californians.

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COVID-19 Guidance for Re-opening Libraries

Guidance for the re-opening of California libraries for in-person services including currently published library re-opening plans, related public health research, feedback from library directors across the state, and guidance published by the State of California for industries that share like issues.

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CAL@170 is a collection of 170 stories celebrating California’s 170 years of statehood. The aim is to offer examples of California’s unique character and that of its residents, past and present. That means among the good there will be some bad. For every success story, there’s a failure, a tragedy, an injustice. It’s from these mistakes that we learn and grow stronger together.

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California Governor

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Welcome to the California State Library

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