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BTBL Book Subject Categories

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BTBL Book Subject Categories WORD PDF

BTBL Californiana Collection

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BTBL Californiana Collection WORD PDF

Staff Picks

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Staff Picks WORD PDF

Book Lists

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Adventure: Apocalypse and Disaster Novels WORD PDF
Adventure: Novels About Epidemics and Superbugs WORD PDF
Adventure: Treasure Hunting, Conspiracies, Secret Societies WORD PDF
Adventure in the Great Outdoors, Non-Fiction Books WORD PDF
Animals and Their People, Non-Fiction Books WORD PDF
Art History, Artists, and Photographers WORD PDF
Award Winners: Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction and Nonfiction WORD PDF
Award Winners: Dayton Literary Peace Prize WORD PDF
Award Winners: National Book Award WORD PDF
Award Winners: Nobel Prize in Literature WORD PDF
Award Winners: Pulitzer Prize in Fiction WORD PDF
Banned Books WORD PDF
Biographies and Autobiographies of Famous and Influential Californians WORD PDF
Biographies and Memoirs from the Golden Age of Hollywood WORD PDF
Biographies and Memoirs of the Presidents of the United States of America WORD PDF
Biographies of Country Music Stars WORD PDF
Biographies of Jazz and Blues Singers and Musicians WORD PDF
Biographies of Rock N Roll Stars WORD PDF
Books Referenced in "The End of Your Life Book Club" WORD PDF
Cesar Chavez Day WORD PDF
Children's Animal Stories WORD PDF
Children's Books: Coretta Scott King Award Winners WORD PDF
Children's Books in Print/Braille WORD PDF
Children's Classics for Young and Adult Readers WORD PDF
Children's Newbery Award Winners WORD PDF
Classic Books by California Authors WORD PDF
Classics: Pre-20th Century English Novels WORD PDF
Classics by American Authors WORD PDF
Classics by Russian Authors WORD PDF
Classics Retold WORD PDF
Cookbooks: All American Recipes WORD PDF
Cookbooks: Dessert Recipes WORD PDF
Cookbooks: From Around the World WORD PDF
Cookbooks: Quick and Easy Recipes WORD PDF
Cookbooks: Vegetarian and Vegan WORD PDF
Cult Classic Fiction WORD PDF
Diabetes: Non-Fiction Guides WORD PDF
Fantasy Series WORD PDF
Fantasy: Steampunk Fiction WORD PDF
Fantasy: Urban Fantasy Series WORD PDF
Gardening Books WORD PDF
Gentle and Inoffensive Fiction WORD PDF
Government and Politics from the Left WORD PDF
Government and Politics from the Right WORD PDF
History: American Civil War WORD PDF
History: American Revolution WORD PDF
History: California WORD PDF
Holidays in the Springtime, Fiction and Non-Fiction Books WORD PDF
Horror and Frightfully Suspenseful Stories WORD PDF
Independent Living for People with Disabilities WORD PDF
Inspirational Non-Fiction Books about People with Disabilities WORD PDF
Job Searching and Career Development WORD PDF
Libraries and Librarians in Fiction and Nonfiction WORD PDF
Movie Books: Seen the Movie? Read the Book that Inspired It WORD PDF
Mysteries: Agatha Award Winners WORD PDF
Mysteries: Culinary WORD PDF
Mysteries: Historical WORD PDF
Mysteries: International Crime Novels WORD PDF
Mysteries: Spy and Espionage Novels WORD PDF
Mysteries: True Crime WORD PDF
Older Heroines in Fiction Books WORD PDF
Popular and Contemporary Fiction Favorites 2006 Through 2008 WORD PDF
Popular and Contemporary Fiction Favorites 2009 Through 2011 WORD PDF
Popular and Contemporary Fiction Favorites 2012 Through 2014 WORD PDF
Popular and Contemporary Fiction Favorites 2015 Through 2017 WORD PDF
President Obama Recommends WORD PDF
Romance: Amish WORD PDF
Romance: RITA Award-Winning Books WORD PDF
Romance: Gentle and Inspirational WORD PDF
Romance Novels: Historical WORD PDF
Romance: Paranormal WORD PDF
Romance: Spicy Novels WORD PDF
Romance: Traditional Romantic Suspense WORD PDF
Science: Climate Change, Ecology, and Pollution WORD PDF
Science: Inventions, Ideas, and Scientists that Shaped the World WORD PDF
Science Fiction Space Opera Novels WORD PDF
Short, Sweet and Simple Fiction WORD PDF
Sports: Baseball, the Game, the Players, the History WORD PDF
Travel, Sports, and Adventure for People with Disabilities WORD PDF
Urban Fiction WORD PDF
Vampires: The Classics and Contemporaries WORD PDF
Weird West WORD PDF
Women's Lives and Relationships Fiction WORD PDF
World Literature WORD PDF
Young Adult: Action, Adventure, and Intrigue WORD PDF
Young Adult: Alex Award Winners WORD PDF
Young Adult: Contemporary Realistic Novels WORD PDF
Young Adult: Printz Award Winners WORD PDF
Young Adult and Children's Books: Schneider Family Book Award WORD PDF

Read-Alikes Lists

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Read-Alikes for Barbara Kingsolver WORD PDF
Read-Alikes for the Hunger Games Series WORD PDF
Read-Alikes for Lilian Jackson Braun WORD PDF
Read-Alikes for Nicholas Sparks WORD PDF
Read-Alikes for the Harry Potter Series WORD PDF
Read-Alikes for the Stephanie Plum Series WORD PDF
Read-Alikes for VC Andrews WORD PDF
Read-Alikes for Zane Grey and Louis L'Amour WORD PDF

Bestseller Lists

This monthly report lists NLS production-related information on books selected from the combined bestseller lists of the Los Angeles Times (LAT), the New York Times (NYT), and the Washington Post (WP): NLS Bestseller Report.

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