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Japanese calligraphy on a pink card with a dusting of gold.

Shikishi Haiku

The California State Library, in partnership with Google Arts & Culture, presents “Shikishi Haiku,” an exhibit of the works of several leading Japanese haiku poets, whose works artfully blend poetry and colorful calligraphy on shikishi, or square poem cards. The works are part of the American Haiku Archives, which are housed at the State Library.

Black and white photo portrait of two men and a woman in Gold Rush era clothing.

Daguerreotypes: The First Photographs

The California State Library, in partnership with Google Arts & Culture, presents an exhibit of one-of-a-kind images of some of the state’s pioneering families from the Gold Rush era. The daguerreotype, developed in 1837, was the first publicly available photographic process.

Illustration with the outline of flying birds in green against a sunset-colored background.

Juneteenth Exhibit: Celebrating Emancipation

The California State Library partners with Sacramento Juneteenth, Inc. each year by hosting a reception in our Fragrance Garden. This year we have added this online exhibit featuring images from past Juneteenth events held at the State Library, historic photos from the Library’s history collection, along with information and photos of our community leaders.

Collage of stylized photos of women, all wearing suits.

Elected Women: 100 Years in California Legislature

The California State Library in partnership with Women in California Politics (WICP) presents an exhibit celebrating 100 years of women serving in the California Legislature. In November 1918 the first four women were elected to office, since that time 157 women have served in the state’s legislature. Today we celebrate and honor these women, both past and present, for their service and dedication to the people of California.

Map of California with distinct north and south sections and markers for cities. Background: map of the US near the border between New Mexico and Texas.

Breaking Up California: A History of Many Attempts

A look at the people and efforts to split up California into smaller states, with historical maps and documents, legislative attempts, an interactive timeline, books, journal and news articles, and videos chronicling some of the more than 220 attempts to redraw California.

Photo of Johnny Cash standing in front of a microphone in an outdoor setting.

50 Years Ago at Folsom Prison

2018 marks the 50th anniversary of Johnny Cash's historic live performance at Folsom Prison. See items from the State Library collection about Folsom Prison, Cash, and his advocacy for improved conditions for prison inmates.

Panoramic painting of wagon trains crossing low hills. In the foreground, a pioneer shoots a rifle at a Native American, whose horse has fallen over.

California as We Saw It: Exploring the California Gold Rush

The goal of the exhibit is many fold: provide an overview of the Gold Rush, emphasize the strength of the Library's collection, and incorporate items that will simultaneously delight, surprise, and inform. In creating this exhibit, the varieties and richness of the material proved to be both a joy and challenge.

Mural of historical people of various nationalities approaching two large, nude figures wrapped in clouds.

The Historic Library & Courts Building: An Architectural Treasure

The Library & Courts Building located at 914 Capitol Mall is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful buildings in State Government. Its entrance lobby is unsurpassed and the building features three murals and a variety of attractive decorative features. On May 24, 1984, the Library & Courts Building was named to the National Register of Historic Places.

Collage of portraits of several men in suits with a photo of the Capitol building in the background.

Governors' Gallery

Our state's governors lead the largest state in the union and their political influence reaches beyond the borders of the state. This gallery provides a brief glimpse into the rich political and personal life of each governor.

Collage of portraits of several women in formal clothing with a photo of the Capitol building area in the background.

First Ladies Gallery

First Ladies have always played an important role in the service of California citizens, balancing the demanding responsibilities of their prestigious position while enduring hardships, tragedies, and the daily difficulties of life and a family. This gallery provides a small glimpse into the lives of these courageous women.

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