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The mission of the California Research Bureau is to provide nonpartisan and confidential public policy research for the Governor’s Office and the State Legislature and to advance equitable access via statewide initiatives, including the California Grants Portal and the California Homeless Youth Project.

Office hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. Please call us at (916) 603-7217, or email us at

Products on Request

Want to know whether California is attracting businesses from other states? Which policies might encourage the recruitment of more science teachers? Or how many tax bills the Legislature considers every year? Popular work products for our clients include:

  • Quick fact-finding and fact-checking of claims or statistics
  • Quality assessments of 3rd-party data or research
  • Analysis of demographic, economic, environmental or other data at any level (district, state, national)
  • Media/news collection around particular issues
  • Summaries of scholarly evidence for specific topics
  • Investigative surveys of groups and institutions
  • 50-state reviews to compare/contrast policies
  • Tracking of local, state, federal and international bills, codes, court cases and regulations (including all California legislation since statehood in 1850)
  • Memos or in-depth research reports on specific policy questions
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California Policymaking For Tomorrow Amid Rapid Technological Change Today

Three experts discuss the impact of rapid technological change on California's economy and jobs, as well as the opportunities, challenges and risks awaiting California policymakers. Anne Neville, director of the California Research Bureau, moderates a thought-provoking discussion with Nicholas Davis, head of Society and Innovation at the World Economic Forum in Geneva; Rachel Hatch, research director of the 10-Year Forecast at the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto; and California's chief economist, Irena Asmundson.

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Highlighted Publications

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Demographics of Disciplinary Action by the Medical Board of California (2003–2013)

January 2017

The Medical Board of California protects the health of Californians by ensuring that practicing physicians in the state are licensed and regulated. Conducted at the request of the Medical Board, this report looked at 10 years of disciplinary data to see if there was any relationship between physician race and disciplinary outcomes. Latino/a and Black physicians were both more likely to receive complaints and more likely to see those complaints escalate to investigations. Latino physicians were also more likely to see those investigations result in discipline. Asian physicians had a reduced likelihood of receiving complaints, or of those complaints escalating to investigations.

Demographics in the California Legislature: August 2018 Special Election Update

Government | Devin Lavelle | August 2018 | Presentation

Six new state legislators have been voted into office during the 2017–18 term. Six men left office, with voters choosing to replace five with women. Pending state Senator-elect Vanessa Delgado assuming office, the number of women in the Legislature would increase to 31, recovering losses in the 2016 election. The Assembly remains majority-minority (54 percent) and the Senate would increase to 25 percent (currently at 23 percent).


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Books and Journals

The State Library maintains a collection of public policy related books and journals. Search for specific material through the catalog, or if you work for the Legislature or Governor you may contact the California Research Bureau for assistance with your request. If we do not have a book, we can often purchase or borrow it from another library.