California Homeless Youth Project

The California Homeless Youth Project (CHYP) is a research and policy initiative of the California Research Bureau (CRB). The project is committed to bringing youth to the policy table and to informing policymakers, opinion leaders, and other stakeholders about the needs of unaccompanied homeless youth. Funding for the project is currently provided by The California Wellness Foundation and the Walter S. Johnson Foundation.

This project seeks to improve understanding of young people ages 12 to 24 who are on their own and the issues they face. These include family conflict and other reasons for being on the street, lack of shelter and educational opportunities, health and mental health needs, and the effect of interactions with law enforcement agencies. The project highlights solutions for these youth by engaging them directly in research and policy discussions, and giving voice to their experiences and recommendations as well as those of researchers, practitioners, and policy experts.

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Pixie Pearl, Project Director
Pronouns: Fae/Faem/They/Them
(916) 603-7155

Note: If you are a young person experiencing or on the verge of homelessness and looking for help, please call the California Youth Crisis Line at 1-800-843-5200 for confidential support, encouragement, and referrals.


California Homeless Youth Project
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