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The California State Library administers federal and state funding programs related to library development and cooperation, and civil liberties public education.

Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA)

The federal Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS),through its Grants to States Program, provides funding for California’s libraries from the federal Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA), administered in California by the State Librarian. The funds are used to provide financial support for service improvements; to facilitate access to, and sharing of, resources and services between libraries and between libraries and partner institutions; and to achieve economical and effective delivery of services for the purpose of cultivating an educated and informed citizenry.

California Student Author Program

The California Student Author Program was created by 2018 legislation to address literacy challenges among public-school-aged children from extremely low-income communities. The goal of this program is to have students create and publish their own work, based on their participation in author workshops.

California Civil Liberties Program

The purpose of the California Civil Liberties Program is to sponsor public educational activities and development of educational materials to ensure that the events surrounding the exclusion, forced removal, and internment of civilians and permanent resident aliens of Japanese ancestry will be remembered so that the causes and circumstance of this and similar events may be illuminated and understood. This program is administered by the California State Library.

California Library Services Act (CLSA)

California public libraries engaged in cooperative efforts with neighboring libraries are supported through state funding provided through the California Library Services Act (CLSA), specifically designed to assist and encourage such interlibrary cooperation. The program is administered by the 13-member California Library Services Board. Funding is allocated to California Cooperative Library Systems.

California Library Literacy Services

The State of California has funded the California Library Literacy Services Program since the 1980s. This program enables over 20,000 adults learn to read and write through their local public libraries every year.

Shared Vision / Bringing the Library to You

The Shared Vision/Bringing the Library to You grants provide state funding for local public library jurisdictions to implement early learning and after school programs, and to support mobile library solutions. These grant programs will increase Californians' access to health, educational, workforce and other services, while also increasing the mobility and accessibility of public library services.

Other Programs