Shared Vision/Bringing the Library to You Grants

The 2019-20 California state budget contains $8 million for the State Library to provide grants to local public library jurisdictions to implement early learning and after school programs, and to support mobile library solutions. These new grant programs, which are currently under development, will increase Californians’ access to health, educational, workforce and other services, while also increasing the mobility and accessibility of public libraries.

Shared Vision Community Partnership Grants for Early Learning and Out-of-School Time Programs - $5 Million

  • Early Learning – Early Learning grants will aim to connect children, youth, families and caregivers with the services they need to thrive. As trusted, stigma-free community hubs, libraries offer a unique setting to strengthen at-risk families, promote wellness and deliver a range of important early learning opportunities. Grants will help libraries create and strengthen partnerships with other critical community services and institutions, from local elementary schools, to health clinics, to First 5 organizations, to apprenticeship programs, to mental health services agencies to better deliver these services. By further integrating the work of libraries and other community service providers, Californians will have easier access to the resources they need where and when they need them.
  • Out-of-School Time – A California child spends six hours a day in a classroom and 10 waking hours outside of one. The average school year lasts 180 days. These grants will focus on supporting and expanding the critical role libraries play for children and teens during the 60 percent of their lives they aren’t in school. Libraries provide free and welcoming spaces, STEAM programming, health and wellness activities and help develop leadership skills and social-emotional and workforce readiness in youths. Like the Early Learning grants, the involvement of other community partners will broaden the impact of the services provided.

Bringing the Library to You: Mobile Library Solutions Grants - $3 Million

  • Bringing the Library to You grants will help libraries implement new ways to bring literacy, technology and other services to those who face challenges visiting their local library. When Californians lack transportation, live far from their library, or work long hours, mobile library solutions make it possible to access library services and programs.

More information about these grants will be available soon! Three one-hour online meetings have been scheduled, one for each program area (see registration links below)

We invite you to join us, hear about what’s being planned, and give your feedback and input.

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