Curbside Service for State Library Cardholders

The California State Library is resuming circulation of collection items for State Library Cardholders through Curbside Service!

State Library Cardholders may make Curbside Service appointments to pick up and/or return* library materials by contacting the Public Service Desk responsible for the item. Curbside Service appointments are available Monday through Friday, 9:30 am to 10:45 am, at 900 N Street, Sacramento, CA 95814. Appointments are 15 minutes in length and you may arrive any time within the specified time period. Same-day appointments are not available; you may make an appointment to pick up your requested items within one to two business days. Microfilm and library materials that are on-site use only may not be borrowed.

Who may apply for a State Library Card? California State employees, state legislative staff, appointed state officials and board members, officials and employees of the State Court, and faculty and staff of the University of California or California State University. Obtain a State Library Card by applying online. Members of the public may request items from the California State Library through interlibrary loan and are not eligible for Curbside Service.

*State Library Cardholders who are willing to assume responsibility for postage may return library items via regular mail to: California State Library, Information Services Section, P.O. Box 942837, Sacramento, CA 94237-0001.

Request a Curbside Service Appointment

Step 1: Find items in the California State Library’s online catalog.

State Library Cardholders are limited to 10 items per Curbside Service appointment.

Step 2: Email the Public Service Desk responsible for the item to make an appointment to pick up your items:

In most cases, items will be available within one to two business days. Please provide your California State Library Card borrower number so that the requested items may be checked out to you. You should receive a confirmation email with your appointment details.

Step 3: Come to the front of the California State Library building at 900 N Street during your appointment.

  • Call (916) 654-0186 to notify us that you have arrived. Wait outside of the glass doors.
  • A California State Library staff member will place your items in a bag and bring them out to you on cart.
  • Practice physical distancing and wait for the staff member to step back from the cart before retrieving your bag. For returns, place the item(s) on the cart.

If you have mobility issues, please notify us when you make the appointment. When you arrive, we can place your requested items in the trunk of your vehicle.

Safety Precautions

Face coverings are required for your safety, and the safety of our staff members. Please wear a face covering to your Curbside Service appointment. If you are exempt from wearing a face covering per statewide guidelines, we can provide an accommodation such as placing bagged items in the trunk of your vehicle. Please request this over the phone when you call to notify us of your arrival. Returned library items will be quarantined for 96 hours and may not immediately be checked in.