About California Libraries

California Library Laws, 2020

A guide to state laws and related materials that most directly affect the everyday operations of public libraries and organizations that work with public libraries.

California Library Services Act (CLSA)

California public libraries engaged in cooperative efforts with neighboring libraries are supported through the Communications and Delivery Program of the CLSA, which is specifically designed to assist and encourage such cooperation. The program is administered by the 13-member California Library Services Board, and funding is allocated to California’s Cooperative Library Systems.

California Public Library Branches

An interactive map showing the location of all public library branches in the state, their contact information, and services available.

California Public Library Directories

Links to location and contact information for library jurisdictions, library branches, and the state public law libraries.

California Public Library Organization (2013)

(PDF) A publication identifying the different types of public libraries and compares their characteristics, operations, service area, services, and revenues. An organizational outline highlights the essential legal authority, formation, governing board, local financing, and service area of each library type.

Statistics and Data about California Public Libraries

Links to aggregate data about all public libraries in the state, results from surveys of public libraries, maps of library jurisdictions, datasets from the annual Public Libraries Survey, and links to learning opportunities about data-informed decision making and planning for public libraries.

The Value of California’s Public Libraries

Studies, reports, and fact sheets from around the world that show how valuable an investment public libraries are.