Census Information for Libraries

An accurate 2020 Census is crucial to ensuring your community has the services and representation it needs. With the Census moving to an almost exclusively online format, it has never been more difficult to ensure an accurate count. This is where the library plays a vital role. Our role as trusted community messengers, and our locations, often in hard-to-count rural, suburban, and urban areas, mean that we play a critical role in facilitating the public’s right to be counted.

The Census and Sensibility Toolkit is created by California librarians for California librarians. It’s designed to help libraries and library staff more easily access the Census and boost engagement with their community. Use this toolkit to discover more ways libraries can help ensure every Californian gets counted.

The American Library Association has also issued a guide to help libraries across the country. Among the other resources on this page are answers about privacy questions and links to the census sites for California and the federal government.