About Copycat Grant Toolkits

A California State Library LSTA grant program intended to facilitate easy duplication of successful projects

Informational Webinar

In response to requests from the library community, the California State Library presents a new grant opportunity for funding. CopyCat grants are intended to help libraries easily implement tried-and tested-programs and extend the impact of previously funded, successful LSTA projects. This opportunity is open to all public libraries, and it is well suited to those with limited capacity for developing and testing new programming.

This website contains toolkits for innovative, successful LSTA projects from public libraries across California. Each toolkit contains a link to the original application for the original program, information about the purpose, target audience, outcomes, and implementation steps with links to sample documents from the original program. When replicated, programs need not look exactly like the originals. We encourage libraries to tailor programs to fit the aspirations and needs of their local communities and make adjustments to their CopyCat projects as needed.

Please note: we welcome applications that adjust the toolkit projects to meet state and local health requirements for healthy distancing and safety during the pandemic. Libraries are encouraged to consider first whether the program or service can be accomplished as effectively and equitably online; or, if not, if it is possible to achieve the goal of the task or activity in an in-person manner that adopts physical distancing guidelines. For example, your application could include alternatives to in person programming by having the program delivered through virtual video platform (Zoom, Skype, Adobe, etc.) to an audience at home. Or develop kits to be a part of a curbside, mailing, or other delivery service. In person programming could be conducted outdoors with healthy distancing and safety protocols.

On the left sidebar of this website you will find links to useful articles, courses, templates, sample documents, and other resources that are useful when planning programs in public libraries. We encourage you to take advantage of these high quality resources as you develop your CopyCat program and share them with staff members and colleagues.

To apply for a CopyCat grant, please visit the application page.