PACE (project and collaborative education)


A California State Library LSTA grant program intended to facilitate easy duplication of successful projects

Informational Webinar

Special considerations: Your library must be CIPA-compliant to apply to copy this project (see Children’s Internet Protection Act).

Description: Commerce Public Library’s PACE (Projects and Collaborative Education) Project provided the necessary resources for K-12 students to successfully create projects and prepare for presentations that were assigned to them at school. Partnering with local schools and teachers, Commerce Public Library (CPL) staff obtained necessary supplies, everything from markers to staplers to tri-fold presentation boards, and created kits that students checked out for use in the library or at home. Chromebooks and laptops were available for check-out, and students had the opportunity to attend PowerPoint classes at the library.

Purpose: This program was developed after library staff served as judges at a local school science fair and saw that some students had difficulty with the quality of their projects because their families faced economic hardship and could not afford supplies. The library identified an opportunity to provide equitable access to materials for these students.

Expected outcomes: Participants will have increased confidence in their school projects, and families will report a decrease in the stress associated with these projects. Schools and teachers will report an increase in quality and success of completed projects.

Target Audience: This program was designed to assist low-income students and their families who experience difficulty in obtaining materials needed to complete school projects.

Partners: Interaction with local schools and the teachers assigning projects is crucial for this program. CPL forged relationships with teachers and obtained lists of materials needed for school projects. These partners help spread the word about the availability of PACE bags at the library.

Budget Considerations

  • Craft materials and supplies
  • USB drives
  • Laptops, Chromebooks, Netbooks
  • Microsoft Office and Printshop software
  • Mobile storage cabinet

See original application for more detail and in-kind staff estimates. The maximum funding level is for a scaled down project from the original.

Implementation Steps