Programs and Initiatives

California Civil Liberties Program

Supports the creation and dissemination of educational and public awareness resources about the history and lessons of civil rights violations or civil liberties injustices carried out against communities or populations. State-funded

California Libraries Learn (CALL)

In person and virtual continuing education and training opportunities including webinars, courses, workshops, conferences, and self-paced learning. LSTA-funded

California Library Literacy Services

Helps literacy programs in California’s public libraries change the lives of nearly 16,000 Californians every year. They help adults learn to read and write and achieve their goals and aspirations. State and LSTA-funded

California Revealed Initiative

A State Library initiative to help California’s public libraries, in partnership with other local heritage groups, digitize, preserve, and serve online historically significant Californiana (e.g., books, documents, audiovisual recordings)

Developing Leaders in California Libraries

A statewide program providing leadership development opportunities for library staff, including leadership cohorts, short-format workshops, and on-line and in person training. LSTA-funded

Career Online High School

Scholarships for patrons to earn an accredited high school diploma through their public library. State-funded

CopyCat Grants

A competitive, small-grant program that enables libraries to duplicate successful projects of other California public libraries. LSTA-funded

High-Speed Broadband in California’s Libraries

Brings high-speed broadband to all California public libraries by connecting them to the California Research and Education Network (CalREN)—a high-capacity 3,800-mile fiber-optic-based network designed to meet the unique requirements of over 20 million users. State-funded

Lunch at the Library

A program to help public libraries provide children and teens with free meals and learning and enrichment programs during the summer. State-funded

Public Library Staff Education Program

A tuition reimbursement program for California public library staff enrolled in an accredited MLIS degree course. LSTA-funded

Shared Vision and Bringing the Library to You

Supports the development of early learning programs, community hubs, after school programs and mobile library solutions in California’s public libraries. Funded by the State of California. State-funded

Summer at Your Library

Provides training and resources to help libraries present outcome-based summer programs for their communities. LSTA-funded

Veterans Connect at the Library

A “digital duffel bag” of resources, training, and programming ideas developed to support public library staff’s work in assisting veterans visiting the library. Libraries are a trusted and valued community resource and are ideally positioned to assist veterans and their families in accessing benefits and services for which they may be eligible. LSTA-funded

Working Scholars

A pilot program helping public library staff obtain a bachelor’s degree. LSTA-funded

Zip Books

Enables libraries to purchase items requested by cardholders, but not currently in the collection, and ship them directly to patrons. State-funded