Continued Education and Networking

Training and professional development opportunities for library workers.

California Libraries Learn (CALL)

In person and virtual continuing education and training opportunities including webinars, courses, workshops, conferences, and self-paced learning. LSTA-funded

Data Equity for Main Street

An online and interactive curriculum that promotes open data literacy by training librarians and community members how to find, use, and give feedback about open data. This was a joint project of the California State Library and the Washington State Office of Privacy, funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

Developing Leaders in California Libraries

Links to recorded webinars and other virtual training opportunities to enhance the leadership skills of library workers.

Harwood Public Innovation for California’s Public Libraries

A set of resources to help libraries implement The Harwood Institute’s Turning Outward practice. Library professionals who use this approach build a deep knowledge of their communities and use the community as the reference point for their choices and judgments. LSTA-funded

Mental Health Initiative

Resources to help library staff create safe spaces and provide kind, compassionate service to all community members. LSTA-funded

Public Library Directors Forum 2021

An annual event that provides California public library directors with opportunities to learn, share, reflect and engage with colleagues on issues affecting California public libraries and the communities they serve. LSTA-funded

Public Library Staff Education Program

A tuition reimbursement program for California public library staff enrolled in an accredited MLIS degree course. LSTA-funded

Seguimos Creando Enlaces

Means “Creating Connections.” A conference that fosters community connections and cultural diversity in public, academic, and special libraries. This event brings together libraries from the U.S., Mexico, and across the globe to share best practices and build more inclusive library spaces. LSTA-funded

Strategies for Dealing with Opioid Issues

Information about naloxone and the Department of Public Health grant program that enables libraries to train staff to dispense this drug when a visitor suffers an overdose.