Library Operations


A platform that enables public libraries to deliver summer reading programs online. Beanstack hosts content, tracks registration, and enables users to record their progress. CARES-funded

Covid-19 Resources

General information on the pandemic, resources for families, resource guides for library staff including youth services and programming librarians, information on working from home, and more. Created through a partnership between the California Library Association and California State Library.

Digital Equity Toolkit for Rural Communities

Strategies, case studies, and a guide for public libraries and other educational institutions to help bridge the digital divide in rural California communities. Created by library staff who participated in the 2020-21 State Library Leadership Challenge. LSTA-funded

E-Rate and the California Teleconnect Fund (CTF)

Affordable access to telecommunications services for libraries through discounts on telecommunications services, Internet access, and internal connections.

High-Speed Broadband in California’s Libraries

Brings high-speed broadband to California public libraries by connecting them to the California Research and Education Network (CalREN)—a high-capacity 3,800-mile fiber-optic-based network designed to meet the unique requirements of over 20 million users. State and LSTA-funded

Home Connectivity Kits

A how-to guide for libraries that provide bundled kits of hotspots, Chromebooks and peripherals to help users access the internet from home.

Maximizing Learning Spaces, or How to MacGyver Your Library

Resources to help public libraries evaluate, reimagine, and furnish underutilized library spaces to maximize their potential for reading, literacy, and learning. LSTA-funded

Mental Health Initiative

Resources to help library staff create safe spaces and provide kind, compassionate service to all community members. LSTA-funded

Recovering Together

Resources to help libraries prepare, respond, and recover from disasters. Created by the NorthNet Library System. LSTA-funded

Strategies for Dealing with Opioid Issues

Information about naloxone and the Department of Public Health grant program that enables libraries to train staff to dispense this drug when a visitor suffers an overdose.