California Public Library Statistics

The State Library annually collects California Library Statistics, a compilation of statistical data from public libraries throughout the state.

The State Library also produces an annual report of the population served by each California public library, titled Persons Served by California Public Libraries, according to the provisions of Education Code Section 18021.

Most Recent Statistics (FY 2018–19 data)

Staffing & Facilities








volunteer FTE per week

Collections & Circulation

98.6 M+

total collection items (physical and digital)

256 M+

total collection use

150.1 M+

$, total collection expenditures

181.9 M+

physical item circulation

21.8 M+

children's books held

3.1 M+

young adult books held

3.5 M+

interlibrary loans made

3.3 M+

interlibrary loans received

Public use

138 M+

library visits

14.5 M+

reference transactions


adult programs


young adult programs


children's programs

10.6 M+

total program attendance

24.1 M+

annual uses of public internet computers

113.7 M+

virtual visits to library websites

Full Statistics

Full California Library Statistics are found on the California Library Statistics Portal.

To access reports for your own library's statistics, including infographics and other handouts, visit your LibPAS account at Login and passwords are held by library directors and other account holders in your library. Questions? Contact Meg DePriest.

Resources for Completing the Public Library Survey

California's 2019–2020 Public Library Survey will open for data input from September 7 to November 6, 2020.

Online Training Opportunities for California Public Library Staff

Learn about how to access and use your library’s data to meet the needs and aspirations of your community.

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Questions about the California Public Library Survey or upcoming training opportunities? Contact Meg DePriest, State Data Coordinator & Library Programs Consultant