State Workforce Training Collection

The California State Library supports the State training community in its efforts to educate and develop the State workforce. We are committed to providing trainers and other workforce leaders with access to an extensive collection of books, videos, civil service exam study guides and other training materials on interviewing skills, supervision, motivation, communication skills, management techniques, teamwork, presentations, and many other workplace topics.

Titles in the Collection

Borrowing Books and Training Videos

State employees who have a California State Library card can borrow books, journals, videos, civil service exam study guides and other items from the library's collections.

We also require a signed Training Video Loan Agreement in order to borrow training videos. Please see our FAQ's on Borrowing Training Videos for further information.

Additional Resources

California Network of Learning Professionals is a supportive alliance of learning professionals collaboratively networking to provide the California state workforce effective and timely learning solutions.

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